Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Shop The Rock coupons?
The offers are exclusively available in the Shop The Rock mobile app, available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play. You can view the offers in the app and activate them to use them. A small charge gives you access to hundreds of dollars in savings at businesses located in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Offers are available to activate seasonally:
Winter coupons are valid January 1 – March 31
Spring coupons are valid April 1 – June 30
Summer coupons are valid July 1 – September 30
Fall coupons are valid October 1 – December 31

Offers may be activated until one day prior to the end of each coupon season.  The offers automatically change in the app four times per year. Unlocked coupons that are not redeemed do not carry forward to the next coupon season.

How do I redeem the Shop The Rock coupons?

The first step is to activate the offers to unlock the current season’s coupons in the Shop The Rock app. For in-person/on-site offers, you simply show the coupon at time of purchase and tap it to redeem while the person serving you observes; a confirmation will appear to confirm you want to use the coupon, and if you select “yes”, the offer will be marked as redeemed and will become locked. For online offers, when you redeem an offer, you will be given a code to use to complete your purchase on the business website. 

Periodically, random offers in the Shop The Rock app may be unlocked, making them available for anyone to use without activating the current season’s offers!  There is no set time or schedule for the auto-unlocked offers, so check the app regularly to see which coupons are unlocked that day.  Auto-unlocked offers are available to be redeemed while they are unlocked and may become locked again without notice. Auto-unlocked offers do not affect individuals who activate the offers for the season.

Each coupon can only be redeemed once per user account, per coupon season. You may activate the next set of offers when they become available each season.

Where can I use Shop The Rock coupons?

We have partnered with several businesses across Newfoundland and Labrador. Offer details are specified on the coupons, and for businesses with a store front, you can refer to the map in the Shop The Rock app to see pins at locations with current offers/coupons available.

Can you tell me about the fundraising opportunities with Shop The Rock?

Absolutely!  We offer a great fundraising program that is beneficial to the fundraising organization as well as those who support the fundraiser using a fundraiser code, which gives consumers a discount on the price to activate the coupon set during the fundraiser period. Shop The Rock fundraisers are available to non-profit organizations, schools, sports and recreation programs, community groups and individuals who are fundraising to support a member of the community.  Our fundraisers are as easy as 1 – 2 – 3…sign up, share your code, receive your funds!  You can find more information on the Fundraisers page of the Shop The Rock website.

I am a business owner; how do I offer a coupon in the Shop The Rock app?

Businesses can take advantage of FREE advertising with Shop The Rock! There is no cost to the business to have an offer (or up to 4 offers/coupons) in the Shop The Rock app. You can find more information on the Business Owners page of the Shop The Rock website.  When you’re ready to become one of our participating businesses, simply create an account to join Shop The Rock. Locally owned franchises are welcome to participate. Please note that Shop The Rock is not intended for independent sales consultants of larger corporations; however, the larger corporation may sign up to participate if their offer(s) in the app would be redeemable by consumers through all of the local sales consultants.  Shop The Rock is accepting offers from businesses with a store front and/or online sales via website.

How do I become a “Featured Business” with Shop The Rock?

Shop The Rock offers an additional exposure opportunity through our Featured Business option.  Connect with us to inquire about availability and additional information.

I have a general question or technical issue; who do I contact?
We were having issues with the contact form on the website so it has been removed. You may connect with us directly via email at 

About Shop The Rock

Shop The Rock is an AppAds Promotions initiative to support local businesses and organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador, providing a platform that helps strengthen the local economy by connecting businesses, organizations and consumers.  Shop The Rock is brought to you by AppAds Promotions, a mobile app development company that has worked with municipalities, schools and businesses across Canada to provide innovative, engaging and cost-effective mobile solutions. Shop The Rock launched in 2020.